Diamond Supervisor Membership

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Unlock unparalleled benefits with our Diamond Supervisor Membership. Enjoy a 50% commission rate, rapid fund withdrawals, multi-level commissions, exclusive coupons, and more. Elevate your earning potential today!

Use your coupon and save $5.

“Welcome to the elite tier of SafeFamily Networking – the Diamond Supervisor Membership. As a Diamond Supervisor, you’re not just a member; you’re a key player in our thriving community.


  • Master Balance Control: Take command of your finances with a master balance that puts you in control.
  • 50% Commission Rate: Experience a remarkable 50% commission rate, ensuring substantial earnings with every contribution.
  • Swift Withdrawals: Access your funds effortlessly with a low minimum withdrawal threshold of $5, processed within 48 hours.
  • Balance Transfers: Facilitate seamless balance transfers to streamline your financial management.
  • Multi-Level Commissions: Multiply your earnings through multi-level commissions (Level 1: 50%, Level 2: 10%, Level 3: 5%).
  • Level 1-3 Benefits: Unlock a plethora of benefits that extend across multiple levels, enhancing your overall membership experience.
  • Coupon Creation: Generate coupons that can be converted into cash or master balance, with the note that master balance conversion takes 48 hours for Diamond Supervisors.
  • 3-Year Membership: Enjoy an extended 3-year membership, ensuring long-term access to exclusive privileges.
  • Pay-Per-Click (CPC): Boost your income with a competitive $0.02 per click, maximizing your revenue potential.
  • Cost Per Mile (CPM): Maximize your earnings with $0.50 for every thousand views, adding a lucrative dimension to your membership.

Embrace the Diamond Supervisor Membership and take your online presence to new heights. Elevate your earning potential, access exclusive benefits, and become an integral part of our dynamic community. Join now and redefine your online journey with SafeFamily Networking!”

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